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Minecraft house ideas: 40 Minecraft house designs from simple cabins to luxury mansions

Use these cool Minecraft house designs as inspiration
A large wooden survival house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Folli.
Folli on YouTube

Looking for Minecraft house ideas? There's so much scope for building your dream homes in Minecraft, you're really only limited by your imagination and the blocks at your disposal. Over the past decade, there have been millions of houses built by one of the largest playerbases the world has ever seen - and many of those houses are absolutely breathtaking in their beauty and stature.

Below we've compiled a list of 40 of the best Minecraft house ideas we've ever come across. Each of the homes below has a link to a YouTube video where you can watch each house being built and follow along to create your own. Or you can simply have a scroll through the various houses below, ranging from Japanese pagodas to log cabins, from witch houses to sleek modern mansions, and gain all the inspiration you need to start work on your next Minecraft home.

If you're after inspiration for other architectural projects besides houses, be sure to check out our list of things to build in Minecraft! We've also got dedicated guides for Minecraft tower ideas and Minecraft castle ideas.

Minecraft house ideas and designs

1. Mangrove Starter House

A Mangrove Swamp house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Folli.
Mangrove Starter House by Folli

If you want to set up home in The Wild Update's new biome, then YouTuber Folli has created a lovely looking starter house out of materials found in the biome. It's a small, cosy, rustic house that strikes me as the perfect forward base to build far from your main home, to make life a little easier.

2. Simple Wooden Survival House

A simple wooden survival house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber SheepGG.
Simple Wooden Survival House by SheepGG

This wooden house is a starter home worthy of even the best Minecraft seeds. It is made out of more traditional oak and birch wood, but the combination of fences, logs, planks, slabs, and trapdoors adds a lot of variety and texture to the build (even without the use of Minecraft texture packs), and turns the whole thing into a much more appealing starter house than most others you're likely to come across. You can thank YouTuber SheepGG for this particular build.

3. Simple Underground House

The top of an underground house in Minecraft arranged in the shape of a plus sign, built by YouTuber Folli.
Simple Underground House by Folli

Another nice compact build from Folli, this Minecraft house is sunk into the ground, with stairs leading up onto the surface at each of the cardinal directions. It's small but stylish, with plenty of room for expansion downwards if you'd like to take this design as inspiration for a slightly larger house. Perhaps a ladder that leads down into a more expansive storage area would be a welcome addition?

4. Larger Underground House

A clover-shaped underground base in Minecraft, built by YouTuber ItsMarloe.
Larger Underground House by ItsMarloe

In an attempt to create the ultimate underground house, YouTuber ItsMarloe has put together an unusual and striking clover-shaped base with a glass roof that lies flush with the ground. The central circle is for storage, and the outer areas have enough space for farmland, enchanting, sleeping, and everything else you might want to do in your home. It even has a secret room containing a Nether Portal.

5. Fantasy Mansion

A fantasy mansion in Minecraft, built by YouTuber BigTonyMC.
Fantasy Mansion by BigTonyMC

If you're after inspiration for a slightly larger base, then take a look at this marvellous fantasy mansion from YouTuber BigTonyMC. This painstakingly crafted manor is made from logs and stone bricks, but the real strength is in the little details. The chains and lanterns, the flora creeping up the walls, the shutters made from trapdoors, and the excellent clock faces in the towers all combine to make this house a real feast for the eyes.

6. Japanese Pagoda-Style House

A Japanese pagoda-style house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber SheepGG.
Japanese Pagoda-Style House by SheepGG

SheepGG brings us a rather different style of home this time, with an attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing Japanese pagoda house. Even ignoring the splendid cherry blossom trees on the outskirts made from pink and white wool, this is a fabulous build filled with interesting layerings of wooden slabs and soft lighting provided by lanterns and redstone lamps. And the lighting looks even better with one of the best Minecraft shaders installed - or even ray tracing, if your PC is up to the task.

7. Mountain-Side House

A house in Minecraft built into the side of a mountain, built by YouTuber "JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial".
Mountain-Side House by JUNS MAB Architecture

If you're after another home that blends faultlessly into the landscape, then you can use this lovely mountainside house by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial as inspiration. The two glass circles provide a lovely look into the small idyllic home from the outside, as well as allowing all that lovely natural sunlight into the home during the day.

8. 3-Floor White Container House

A 3-floor white container house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber ManDooMiN.
3-Floor White Container House by ManDooMiN

This lovely, stylish 3-tier modern house design comes from YouTuber ManDooMiN, and is perfect for players who want an achievable yet striking and beautiful house with lots of modern touches to set it apart from the more traditional rustic Minecraft house aesthetic.

9. Modern House With Pool

A large modern house in Minecraft, complete with pool, built by YouTuber IrieGenie.
Modern House With Pool by IrieGenie

For a more traditional modern mansion-style house, YouTuber IrieGenie has put together a lovely modern house design, complete with pool out front. The materials required are far from cheap, being largely made from Quartz, Concrete, and Granite as well as the cheaper Stone and Sandstone blocks - but the results are exquisite.

10. Large Japanese House

A large Japanese house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Folli.
Large Japanese House by Folli

Folli is back with an incredibly comprehensive 90 minute video showing you how to put together a fabulously intricate house inspired by Japanese architecture. Prismarine blocks are used liberally to create the roofing, and provides a striking contrast against the dark wooden walls.

11. Luxury Modern House

A luxury modern house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber OSHACRA.
Luxury Modern House by OSHACRA

Here's another beautiful modern house design by YouTuber OSHACRA Though the primary materials are quartz and concrete, they've also made great, creative use of dark oak wood, fences, and a layer of grass on the rooftops to add tonnes of depth and character to the build.

12. Wooden Starter House

A wooden starter house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber WiederDude.
Wooden Starter House by WiederDude

If you want your first survival home to have more of a cabin-y vibe, then YouTuber WiederDude has put together a quaint and compact starter house made from oak and birch wood. It's amazing how powerful the simple fence can be in elevating an otherwise very straightforward home, isn't it?

13. Hobbit Hole

A house in Minecraft inspired by a hobbit hole from Lord Of The Rings, built by YouTuber Goldrobin.
Hobbit Hole by Goldrobin

Grandeur and scale isn't for everyone, and YouTuber Goldrobin's Hobbit Hole house is certainly a good shout for players who want a compact starter home where everything is in reach without having to move much at all. For full effect you'll need to find a good forest-y hill for the Hobbit Hole to poke out from, of course.

14. Pink Modern House

A pink modern house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Kam The Builder.
Pink Modern House by Kam The Builder

Sometimes all that's needed to make a house look great is a good unified colour scheme. The above modern home was built by YouTuber Kam The Builder, and features carpeted floors, and open-plan kitchen and dining area, and a whole heck of a lot of pink both inside and out.

15. Pink Modern House 2

A pink modern house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber GAMES.
Pink Modern House 2 by GAMES

Let's face it, pink is hot. Particularly when combined with white, glass, and wood in the corerct quantities. This take on the pink modern house comes to you from YouTuber GAMES, and their tutorial video shows you exactly how to put together every block of this lovely little home, from the raised plant area out front to the impressively designed living room and bathroom found inside.

16. Survival Starter House

A starter house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Zaypixel.
Survival Starter House by Zaypixel

Zaypixel's lovely little starter house is made from nothing more complicated than Spruce and Oak wood, Glass, and a little bit of Deepslate (which you can easily substitute for Cobblestone if you'd prefer). The finished product is an easy to build but very idyllic looking house that would look perfect in the middle of a lush flower forest.

17. Multi-Story Survival House

A large survival house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial".
Multi-Story Survival House by JUNS MAB Architecture

In stark contrast to the previous compact house, next up is this towering home built by JUNS MAB Architecture. This home looks like it was built to be the ultimate survival base of operations, with multiple floors for all your needs, and carefully crafted and bordered windows that ensures the build is a striking image on the horizon for any player who approaches your home.

18. Large Farmhouse

A wooden farmhouse in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial".
Large Farmhouse by JUNS MAB Architecture

This beautifully designed farmhouse, once again built by JUNS MAB Architecture, is a cut above most other Minecraft farmhouses thanks to the wonderful modular raised design of its little square farms. There's also plenty of room inside the foundations for later expansion if you so wish. It could even house a mineshaft all the way down to diamond level if you so desire.

19. Large Farmhouse 2

A farmhouse in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Zaypixel.
Large Farmhouse 2 by Zaypixel

Zaypixel is great at creating really idyllic-looking scenes, and this large two-story farmhouse is now exception. A combination of White Wool, Wood, and Stone Bricks makes this a fairly simple build in terms of materials, but details such as the vines growing up the sides, the flowers around the base of the house, and the lanterns hanging from the edges of the roof all turn this farmhouse into one most definitely worth living in.

20. Fairytale Cottage

A fairytale cottage in Minecraft, built by YouTuber BigTonyMC.
Fairytale Cottage by BigTonyMC

This lovely brick-roofed fairytale cottage from BigTonyMC really feels like it could house either the innocent protagonist or the seemingly pleasant but actually pure evil villain that you're likely to find in most fables. This build gives off effortless charm, and is the perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to give their home more of a fairytale feel.

21. Red Roof House

A red roof house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "YalChu's Home".
Red Roof House by YalChu

With this next house, YouTuber YalChu used Nether Brick to create a lovely and eye-catching red roofed home that is bound to provide great inspiration for lots of aspiring builders. It's a compact creation surrounded by a stone and iron bar fence, with a small but mighty garden and a compact but stylish interior.

22. Oak Treehouse

A large treehouse in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Shock Frost.
Oak Treehouse by Shock Frost

For those of you who want to set up base surrounded by bark and leaves, this large chunky treehouse from YouTuber Shock Frost is a great starting point for inspiration. This build requires you to create not only the house but also the tree from scratch, but the result is a nicely structured and aesthetically pleasing home with plenty of space inside for all your needs.

23. Jungle Treehouse

A large jungle treehouse in Minecraft, built by YouTuber DiddiHD.
Jungle Treehouse by DiddiHD

DiddiHD has put together another treehouse build, this one even larger and located in the middle of a jungle. It's much more sporadic with the placement of its living areas, which gives it a really nice organic look, as though the house has grown over time along with the tree.

24. Pirate House

A pirate ship-inspired house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber DiddiHD.
Pirate House by DiddiHD

Another creative house built by DiddiHD, this one flies the infamous black and white skull and crossbones of piracy. This pirate base is made almost entirely from various kinds of wood, but the intricacy of its layout and structure provides a lot of hidden depth and complexity.

25. Wizard House

A Wizard tower house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Zaypixel.
Wizard House by Zaypixel

Zaypixel is back, this time with the ideal home for a wizened and powerful wizard. This wizard tower home made from stone bricks, spruce wood, and red brick roofing looks as though it has stood for millenia. The perfect build for someone who wants a tall, austere, characterful tower to call their home.

26. Witch House

A witch house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber PlatinumThief.
Witch House by PlatinumThief

Transitioning from wizardry to witchcraft, YouTuber PlatinumThief has put together a squat and wonderfully creepy-looking witch house for players who want to embrace their inner occultist and do a spot of Minecraft potion brewing. The prismarine roof may give survival players a bit of trouble, but otherwise this is a very easily imitable house for players looking to start their own Minecraft adventure in a new world. Just make sure you find a nice swamp in which to set up shop.

27. Japanese House

A Japanese house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber BlueBits.
Japanese House by BlueBits

Japanese-style architecture is so wonderfully distinctive and appealing to the eye, it's no wonder so many players want to live in these sorts of houses. YouTuber BlueBits has you covered with a lovely spacrious Japanese-style home which makes use of a variety of interesting block types and doodads, from acacia slabs to dark oak signs, to create a very detailed and good-looking house for any Minecraft player to emulate.

28. Fantasy House

A fantasy house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "Minecraft Fantasy Builds".
Fantasy House by Minecraft Fantasy Builds

The aptly named Minecraft Fantasy Builds channel put together a video on how to build their grand fantasy house from start to finish. The roofing is particularly good on this build in my opinion. I love the archway balcony peeking out over the top garden. It looks like the perfect place to just relax awhile and gaze out at the landscape all around you.

29. Large Survival House

A large wooden survival house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Folli.
Large Survival House by Folli

For those who want as much space as possible for their main base of operations without turning their house-building into an insurmountable task, Folli has created a giant survival house mainly out of oak wood and other easy to gather materials, while still managing to make it look like an impressive, opulent landmark that is bound to attract everyone's attention on a multiplayer server.

30. Suburban House

A suburban-style house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Rizzial.
Suburban House by Rizzial

Rizzial's easy to follow video walkthrough shows you how to put together a picturesque suburban house, complete with attached garage. It reminds me quite a bit of the Simpsons house, which I hasten to add is a compliment. It's a great build for those who want their home to be less magnificent and more quirky, understated, and subtly attractive.

31. Stylish Modern House

A modern house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber JINTUBE.
Stylish Modern House by JINTUBE

This spacious modern-style house from JINTUBE looks fabulous not just from the outside but also from within. A lot of work has clearly gone into putting together each individual room of the house, so it's great inspiration both for architects and interior designers alike.

32. Wooden Modern House

A two-story wooden house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber SheepGG.
Wooden Modern House by SheepGG

Stripped logs are among my favourite building materials these days, and they're used to great effect to create this unusual take on a modern-style house, made primarily from wood of different kinds. This lovely creation by SheepGG has just the right amount of space, lighting, and touches of flora around the sides to turn it into a wonderfully welcoming abode.

33. Large Modern House

A large modern house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber IrieGenie.
Large Modern House by IrieGenie

What can I say; people love the modern housing style. All those clean corners and non-symmetrical layouts make for a striking and pleasant place to call one's own. If you want inspiration for a modern house that gives you enough room for every single one of your needs and more, then this mansion by IrieGenie (complete with pool) is a great starting point for inspiration.

34. Japanese Village House

A simple Japanese village house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Cortezerino.
Japanese Village House by Cortezerino

From YouTuber Cortezerino comes this lovely understated design for a Japanese-style village house. Small in stature, the combination of nether brick roofs, stripped logs, and dark fences make it an eye-catching abode despite its size, and a welcome addition to any Minecraft village.

35. Wooden Cabin

A wooden cabin in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Greg Builds.
Wooden Cabin by Greg Builds

Who hasn't felt a desire to live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere at least once in their lives? Greg Builds has released a tutorial on how to make that dream come true with their excellent Minecraft wooden cabin. It certainly looks grand and inviting, and what's more - it only requires wood, cobblestone, and some glass to create everything you see above.

36. Wood and Stone Brick House

A wooden house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "One Team".
Wood and Stone Brick House by One Team

Another easily buildable house for any survival mode Minecraft player, above you can see a small but attractive home made out of wood and stone bricks by One Team on YouTube. There's nothing particularly fancy going on here - just a well-designed little house brimming with charm. Sometimes less is more.

37. Stylish Wooden House

A wooden survival house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Folli.
Stylish Wooden House by Folli

The final Folli build featured on this list is, surprisingly, my favourite. It's far less grandiose than many of the homes above, but I just love the design of this wide wooden house with the staircase leading up and over the middle, separating the taller half from the shorter and doubling as a nice balcony on the top floor. I'm stealing this design for my next Minecraft house for sure.

38. Tall Modern House

A 4-story modern house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial".
Tall Modern House by JUNS MAB Architecture

JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial also gets one last shoutout for their simple but effective modern house design, with a line of concrete that snakes back and forth up the sides of the house, separating the glass walls of each floor and making the whole thing look far more attractive than if it were all just glass.

39. Easy Underground House

An easy underground house in Minecraft, built by YouTuber Spudetti.
Easy Underground House by Spudetti

If all these builds are a bit ostentatious for you and you just want something small and functional that nonetheless looks appealing to passersby, then take a look at this underground house built by YouTuber Spudetti. It strikes me as the perfect home away from home, a quick and easy forward base to build when your true home is too far away.

40. Modern Treehouse

A modern-style treehouse in Minecraft, built by YouTuber "6tenstudio".
Modern Treehouse by 6tenstudio

Ending on a literal high, we have another towering treehouse design by YouTuber 6tenstudio. What's different about this treehouse is its modern twist, with white floors and glass panes used in place of fences to make the artificial elements really stand out from its natural foundation. If the contrast appeals to you, then follow the video tutorial to recreate this lovely, unusual house for yourself.

That's concludes our list of 40 excellent Minecraft house ideas that you can use as inspiration for your next blocky home. If you want even more blocks and building materials to play with, check out our guide on the best Minecraft mods. If you want to build in Creative Mode, use our Minecraft command list to aid your building efforts. And if you're more interested in exploring and adventuring, check out our guides on how to find Netherite and defeat the Warden.

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