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Props in a Box Movie Maker App

Taking make believe to movie magic

The Idea

Samantha Martin and her team created a physical product called​ Props in a Box, which is designed for families to create stories through their whimsical props, costumes and backdrops. They approached us to build a custom mobile application that would allow families to record, edit and publish their movies.

Our Challenge

This project posed some tough challenges. We had to leverage the existing device's video capabilities, but build a custom movie maker application. The requirements included: adding a soundtrack, inserting special effects, editing scenes, and much more.

Building the app for both iOS and Android posed another level of difficulty. We had to find a solution that would allow us to share a common codebase between the two apps, but also have native functionality for the primary recording and editing.

Core Requirements
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Video recording & editing capabilities
  • Soundtracks insertion
  • Special effects editing
  • Publish & social sharing
  • Video preroll, credits and title screen

Data-driven Design

User flows, wireframes, and user testing

Theatric toys flow scenarios v3
User Flows

We began the project by exploring the jobs to be done and creating flows for the various jobs that the user would undertake.

Creating user flows allowed us to create meaningful user experiences by solving real user needs. We worked with the ​Props in a Box team to identify and map out the flows.

Interested in user flows? Learn more about user flows and how we utilize them at kohactive.

Theatric toys flow add product v3
User Testing with Prototypes

Once we finalized and tested the flows, we created an interactive prototype. We used InVision to build the clickable prototype, invited users, and conducted user interviews to test the design and user experience.

User testing was incredibly impactful. It taught us what worked, what didn't, and gave us direction on how to improve the overall UX. All of our assumptions were thrown out the window and we were able to validate the prototype and learn how to improve it without writing a line of code.


Hybrid framework built with native components

Props technology hybrid native

The Design

Playful, User-friendly, and Delightful

Props ios android design

We focused on a fun and minimalist design. A combination of illustrations and a clean interface makes the app delightful and engaging.

Make Movie Magic

Record & Edit

With the Props in the Box app, you can record videos directly from your phone. Once you call "cut," you can edit the film by slicing scenes to get the perfect roll.


Add a soundtrack to your film to bring it to life. Select from over a dozen possibilities that fit the theme and tone of your film.

Special Effects

Insert special effects throughout your film to capture special moments and enhance the make believe

Screen weffects
Props designs overview


A combination of cutting-edge front and back-end technologies selected for Props in a Box.