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Taking the risk out of product development

Every project has its inherent risks. That's why we kick off each client engagement with an immersive product strategy phase to reduce risk, challenge assumptions, and increases the likelihood of project success.

Product strategy services

Our core services for product discovery & strategy

Product Workshop

2-3 Days

We kick off all projects with a Product Design Workshop to set the stage for the project. Through this workshop, we define the problem statement, identify our goals and success metrics, and build a story map to visualize the product that we’re building. The workshop will create a shared understanding of the project and kick off the project.

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User Research

1-2 Weeks

Successful products solve real-world problems for real people. It's only natural that we start by understanding the users of our product. We use research to build a shared understanding of those users and their problems and then identify opportunities. These users will become part of the project, helping us answer questions, and validate assumptions.

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2-4 Weeks

Projects are loaded with ideas and assumptions. To ensure we’re building the right product, we’ll create a prototype or mockups of key screens to build alignment between stakeholders, end users, and our internal team. Rapid prototyping will help us answer critical questions, visualize the product features, and build confidence in our solution.

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Put Users First

We build software for people. Whether it's a user interface, automation software, or tools to improve your organization – there's always a human involved. We conduct user research, interviews, and test prototypes to ensure we're creating the right solution.

Utilizing human-centered design principles enables us to reduce project risk, control costs, and build the best possible product.

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Business Immersion

We do our best work when we have a deep understanding of your business. We accomplish this through business immersion sessions, on-site visits, and interviews with your team and customers. When we understand your business, competitors, customers, and values, then we can provide the most value. We’re no longer just a vendor, but a part of your team.

Articulated Vision, Goals, & Success Metrics

We’ll craft a Project Charter during our initial workshop that becomes a guiding vision for the project. It will define the problem statement, project goals, and how we define success. This charter will enabled us to stay focused, stay unified, and provide immense value to your organization.

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