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Ruby on Rails Development

Rails enables us to quickly get high-quality products out to market with low overhead.

Why we love Rails

And why it loves us back

Battle tested

Battle Tested

Rails is one of the first frameworks that solved all of the problems web developers had. From scaffolding to database migrations to runtime environments, it’s easy to get a new app up and running without having to write much boilerplate code. The incredible amounts of helpers and and the readability of the code is unbeatable. You can get an app up and running and deploy to Heroku within minutes.

Established conventions

Established Conventions

The framework is opinionated and structured in a way that any developer new to a project can easily get up and running within minutes. Every project follows a convention that has been actively developed and tweaked for over ten years. It’s simple enough to be approachable to beginners, but offers enough sophistication to delight seasoned engineers.

Dev community

Large Developer Community

The Rails community is enormous and still incredibly enthusiastic after a decade of development. The core team is active and constantly sharing their vision for the next version. Thousands of companies use rails for their production apps and there is a great community of developers sharing and helping others resolve their problems.

Os community

Open Source Community

The rails community is vibrant and constantly sharing their code. There are endless libraries for solving many problems that developers encounter. We’ve been a part of the community by sharing our own libraries and contributing to existing open source projects. The ability to use test-driven, battle-tested libraries empowers us to quickly get a product to market.

Case Study

We used Rails to build a contractor automation system that reduced dispatching from hours or minutes.

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Our approach to rails

Smart, scalable, and best practices

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Ruby has a large open source community. Rather than spend your time and money writing code for solutions that already exist, we’ll research the ecosystem and find existing solutions

Interface development
Test-driven Development

We write automated test to validate our application code works as expected. By writing tests, we ensure we’re addressing core business needs and increasing code maintainability.


We don’t just take from the open source community, we try to contribute as much as we can. From open source projects to contributions, we want to continue to support the community.


We strive to abstract our application from rails as much as possible. By utilizing plain old ruby and services objects and other design patterns, we can build smart and easy to refactor systems

Design for Scale

Simple apps are easy. But building for scale is a whole different story. We strive to build for scale by using background processes, threads, microservices and constantly performance tuning.

Use the Database

Rather than rely on ActiveRecord, we use the database to our advantage. It’s fast and efficient and makes our applications easier to maintain in the long term.

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