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Test your product idea with real customers in just five days.

This five-day design sprint takes you from prototyping to furthering customer development and answering questions core to the success of your startup idea.

Start Your Design Sprint

Prototype & Test Your Ideas With Real Users

Design sprints enable founders to prototype and test ideas with real users in a way that's faster and smarter. Once you've completed a round of customer development, it's time to explore various solutions to the problem you're trying to solve. Rather than build an MVP and spend months testing it, a design sprint enables you to prototype and test with real users in just one week.

How it works

This five-day session takes you from an idea to a tangible product to test with your users.

Day 1

Day 1 Unpack expertise, insights & vision

Day 2

Day 2 Work individually to sketch many ideas and solutions

Day 3

Day 3 Group review of solutions and decide on best solution

Day 4

Day 4 Create a realistic prototype

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Day 5 Test with real users

What you get

A research sprint will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to continue developing your startup. You’ll have answers to important questions, validated learning, and great feedback from potential customers. Through a research sprint, you’ll learn about your market, discover what your customers want, and know exactly what to build. Some startups spend months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn this information.

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    Three kohactivators: A facilitator, designer, and engineer

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    A clear problem definition and solution hypothesis

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    Design prototype for testing

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    Video recording of user testing

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    Invaluable learnings