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Tourpedo is a live-streaming music platform.

The Idea

Tourpedo is about bringing live streaming music to fans. We set out to build a platform that allowed fans to experience live music from their favorite artists and venues without having to leave their home.

Why? Because sometimes you can’t make it to Milwaukee, or you have kids, or just want to lay on your couch and listen to good live music.

The Challenge

To build a live streaming platform that encodes and distributes HD and SD video to all devices while providing a platform to social interactions.

Part of the challenge is creating a platform that can handle free and paid shows. We also wanted the ability to host multi-day concerts and festivals.

The live stream has to be encoded in the cloud and available in multiple formats and bitrates for difference devices including iPhone and Android.

Core Requirements
  • Event (and multi-day festival) management
  • Real-time stream
  • Multiple bitrate encoding in the cloud
  • Desktop compatible
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Purchase Tickets
  • Admin CMS

The Branding

Tourpedo, being a startup company, didn't have an existing logo to be the advocate for their brand so we created one. The logo was inspired by what Tourpedo was hoping to stream to the digital masses; live performances. The bright blue was taken from a stage light and the dark blue represented the dark environment that makes an evening show so special.

Despite the logo's darker coloring, it needed to be attractive and inviting in order to appeal to a wider audience. We came up with this ticket character concept that would put a smile on people's faces. This sort of logo icon would bring attention both online and in the real world separating itself from competitors.

Branding logo
Branding 2
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kohactive has been the best development team we've ever worked with, and we can't recommend them highly enough.
Scott Finkelstein, CEO

The Launchcast

A cross-platform live streaming video experience

Cross-Platform Video Experience

Tourpedo's video experience is exceptional. The Launchast is cross-platform, responsive and a real-time stream of the live show. The video works in all browsers and mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Real Time

The Launchcast includes a real-time chat room that allows viewers to communicate and enjoy the show together. Likewise, any users can view an aggregated Twitter stream of all tweets about the band and the show.


Designed and built to fit your lifestyle.


The Design

Clean, intuitive and easy-to-use interface

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Tourpedo is a place for music discovery. Visitors can view all upcoming shows, artists and venues that stream shows. Each artist and venue has its own profile page with details about the band, photos, videos and much more.

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Pay What You Want

Tourpedo allows fans to pay what they want. This type of payment systems allows mega-fans the ability to support their favorite bands while also enabling new fans to discover new shows without being discouraged by high prices.

Tip Jar

The Launchcast allows users to tip the band. Regardless of how much you paid to enter the show, you can show your support by tipping the band however much you want, however many times you want.


A combination of cutting-edge front and back-end technologies selected for Tourpedo.