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Transportation Management Company

We helped a logistics company build a real-time reporting and insights portal for their customers.

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Company Overview

Kohactive was approached by a top Transportation Management Company to help build a customer dashboard that can transform the way they engage customers and share updates.

The Company manages transportation services for thousands of customers, from large retailers with thousands of locations to carriers of various sizes. To improve communication and reporting, the Company sought to build a new customer dashboard.

Business Challenge

The Company had an old system that they used as a customer dashboard. Riddled with legacy software, poor usability, and low customer engagement, the Company decided to build a new, improved dashboard.

Account Executives at the Company typically prepared daily reports for their customers with freight information, expected pickups, deliveries and much more. This was a tedious process that required involvement from multiple departments and various internal systems. Sometimes it would take over an hour to prepare and send a daily report. Since shipments are continually moving, the data that a customer received was out of date within hours. The Company sought a more efficient means of sharing data with their customers that was accurate and real-time.

The Company also had trouble communicating details about a specific shipment. Often, a shipment may be delayed for one reason or another. In these cases, the typical report didn't contain all the details of the events that have taken place and affected the shipment. Also, when weather or other unforeseeable events occur, there was no automatic way of updating affected customers – the account team would have to reach out to each customer manually. Providing a real-time, automated means of notifying customers was highly critical. Likewise, many customers wanted to subscribe to a particular shipment to get pickup and delivery notifications; this feature wasn't currently available in their dashboard.

Overall, the Company wanted to build a powerful dashboard that enabled customers to view all of their shipment data in real-time in a self-sufficient system.

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The Company had a lot of product feature ideas that were sourced from different stakeholders and departments. This was the first agile project the Company had undertaken, and it was our responsibility to help navigate them through the uncertainty.

We kicked off the project with a design workshop. To better understand the requirements, we identified the various user personas and the tasks that they would complete. We created detailed user flows of all the user tasks and activities to help visualize the feature set.

After the workshop, we created wireframes and a clickable prototype of the main screens of the new dashboard. Using the prototype, we sat down with customers and conducted user interviews to validate some of the assumptions we had made. The interviews informed our team on the highest priority features of the product. Through the user feedback, we learned which features were essential and which wouldn't make the MVP. This process helped the Company understand the power of human-centered design and user research.

Once the user experience phase was completed, we began the agile development process. We opted to work in a dual-track process of designing the UI before the development sprint was to start – this allowed us to stay lean and be flexible as we continued to get feedback from stakeholders and customers.


Overall, the project has been a huge success. Hundreds of customers have been onboarded onto the new platform and have received tens of thousands of monthly updates. The new customer dashboard was launched mid-2017 but has grown in features and functionality to serve clients and the Company better.

The new dashboard has a variety of features that empower customers and provide a delightful experience. Customers can now log in and run their own reports by searching, filtering, and sorting their data in real-time. Likewise, customers can subscribe to email or SMS notifications for a variety of shipments statues.

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